Cat gifts & homewares.


“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” ~ Charles Dickens.


Our range of cat gifts incorporates both big cats (lions & tigers) & their smaller domestic feline cousins. Cat gift ideas include, cat mugs, wall art featuring cat themed phrases, sterling silver cat jewellery, cat ornaments & gorgeous tapestry cat bags.

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Cat Thimble
  Cat Thimble.     Hand crafted in England by Warwick Thimbles...
Ex Tax: $25.45
Cheeky Cat
  Metal Cat Art.   This cheeky pouncing cat is made from metal and has a spring t..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Country Cat
  Country Cat.   Cream fabric cat with printed burgundy bird and tree pattern. ..
Ex Tax: $13.64
Ginger Cat  Mug by Lesley Anne Ivory
  Ginger Cat Mug.   Ginger cat mug featuring the art of Lesley Anne Ivory. ..
Ex Tax: $16.36
Home Blessed Cat Sign
  Home Is Blessed Cat Wall Art Sign.    "This Home Is Blessed With Love..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Kitten Chasing Paper Statue
  Kitten Chasing Paper Tabby & White.   Collectible cat ornament by Sher..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Kitten With Duckling Statue
  Kitten & Duckling.   Collectible duck and cat figurine hand crafted by Sher..
Ex Tax: $31.82
Kittens Book Of Friendship
  Kitten Tales Book Of Friendship Statue.   Designed in England by Country Artist..
Ex Tax: $36.36
Leo The Lion
  Lion Miniature.   Material: Handmade glass. Size:4.5 cm high.  FREE ..
Ex Tax: $21.82
Lion Cubs On Rock Statue
  Lions Young Two On Rock.   The largest member of the family Felidae in Africa a..
Ex Tax: $71.82
Lucky Black Cat Statue
  Kitten Tales Good Luck Statue.   Black cat statue with ladybird and horseshoe&n..
Ex Tax: $59.09
Lucky Cat Wedding Statue
  Kitten With Wedding Veil & Top Hat.   Hand crafted cat collectible by Sherr..
Ex Tax: $35.45
Pets Are Allergic
  Pets & Kids Sign.   Pet wall hanging with the phrase. "We Don't Have Kid..
Ex Tax: $22.73
Please Don't Let The Cat Out No Matter What It Tells You
  Please Don't Let The Cat Out Sign.   "Please Don't Let The Cat Out No Matter Wh..
Ex Tax: $25.45
River Tiger Mug
  Tiger Mug from Pollyanna Pickering's Sanctuary Collection.   Made in England by..
Ex Tax: $16.36