Dog gifts & homewares.


"One of the greatest gifts we receive from dogs is the tenderness they evoke in us."
~ Dean Koontz.


From Airedale to Yorki our store has a “pawesome“ range of dog products. For dog lovers & collectors we stock: 

  • Dog figurines by Country Artists, Sandicast & Sherratt & Simpson.
  • English bone china dog mugs.
  • Wallets & stationery from Best Friends by Ruth Maystead.
  • Dog breed mouse pads.
  • Bags featuring the dog artwork of Linda Picken.
  • Humorous dog wall art.
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Weimaraner Clock
  Weimaraner Clock. Made in England by Clockwise Ceramics. Runs on one AA batte..
Weimaraner Dog Tote Bag
  Linda Picken Weimaraner Bag.   Dog design by animal artist Linda Picken. J..
Weimaraner List Pad & Magnet
  Weimaraner Notepad & Magnet Set.   Set features the artwork of Ruth Ma..
Weimaraner Mouse Pad
  Weimaraner Mouse Pad. Paw shaped dog computer mouse mat. Protects desktop from scr..
West Highland Terrier Statue
  Westie With Frog & Flower Pot.   West Highland Terrier dog collectible by S..
Westie Dog Tote Bag
  West Highland Terrier Tote Bag. Heavy duty canvas dog bag. Printed West Highland Terrie..
What Part of Woof Don't You Understand ?
  What Part Of Woof Dachshund Dog Plaque.   Dog sign with the words “Wh..
Wheaton Terrier Mug
  Wheaton Terrier Mug. Made in England by Best China Ltd. Image appears on front and back..
White & Tan Greyhound Mouse Pad
  Tan & White Greyhound Mouse Pad. Paw shaped greyhound computer mouse pad. Prot..
White Poodle List Pad & Magnet
  White Poodle Notepad & Magnet Set.   Set features the artwork of Ruth ..
White Poodle Mouse Pad
  White Poodle Mouse Pad. Paw shaped white poodle computer mouse pad. Protects desktop fr..
Wire Dachshund List Pad & Magnet
  Wire Dachshund Notepad & Magnet Set.   Set features the artwork of Rut..
Wire Fox Terrier Mouse Pad
  Wire Fox Terrier Mouse Pad. Paw shaped fox terrier computer mouse mat. Protects desktop..
Yellow Labrador Mouse Pad
  Yellow Labrador Retriever Mouse Pad. Paw shaped lab computer mouse pad. Protects d..
Yellow Labrador Retriever Sitting
  Best In Show Golden Labrador Sitting.    Designed in England by Count..